My reset boost seems to be stuck at 2048?

If your Reset Boost is at 2048x, congratulations! That is the maximum amount of Reset Boost you can achieve.

To further increase the speed of the game, you can purchase Speed Boosts in the store with diamonds. Each Job or Hobby can also be gilded for 10 diamonds which will further increase the speed and progression.

You can generate diamonds in the game by either unlocking the Girl Achievements by leveling up the girls, or through the Limited Time Events (LTE).

Can I move my game between platforms?

Kongregate, Steam, Google, Nutaku and Apple all have rigid rules about currency purchased on their respective platform being transferred to another platform.

Unfortunately, this means we can't offer a game/save transfer between platforms.

I gained an Event Token yesterday, why is it gone? I earned a diamond in the LTE yesterday, why is it missing?

The issue you are experiencing occurs when you close the game immediately after claiming a diamond, token, or time-skip reward.

If you wait a few seconds after claiming the item in question, the game will finish saving and prevent this from happening again.

There is a "Saving..." indicator at the top of the game screen. This indicator appears while the game is saving. It’s not easy to see it when the LTE window is open. If you close the LTE window, then watch for the Saving… indicator until it disappears before you close your game, you shouldn't encounter this issue anymore.

Where is my Panda Pass or DLC I purchased?

Did you purchase it through Steam or Humble Bundle? (from our website) If you purchased through Steam, there is a check mark that you need to make sure is checked. On your Steam Library scroll down untill you see DLC on the right. Click on "Manage DLC" then check the box.

If you purchased it through Humble Bundle, a code is emailed to you. If you don’t receive the email, or lose the code, you can view it within your Humble Bundle account.

Even if you don’t currently have a Humble Bundle account, create one with the same email you purchased the Panda Pass with. Then you can login and retrieve the code from the Account Purchases screen.

Once you have applied the DLC to the game, go into the game settings (gear at top right of game screen) and check the box for "Uncensored Mode". By doing this, you will see the NSFW content and all the girls will have 2 new outfits within the Gifts Window: “Birthday Suit” and “Lingerie”. However, you won't be able to wear those outfits until you have reached lover with the girls.

You will also notice that each girl has a new lover scene, you can view these scenes when you reach Lover level with her.

Why is my reset boost decreasing, or being consumed?

Some of the characters have, as a level up requirement to consume a small portion of your current boost.
Example... "Consume 1X Reset Boost"

When you see this, if you level up this character, your Reset Boost will drop by 1. If the requirement is "Consume 5X Reset Boost" your Reset Boost will drop by 5.

Various characters have this as a level up requirement, anytime you fulfill this requirement and raise that character a level, your reset boost will drop by that amount.

Not to worry as most of the characters will give back what they consume when you get them to Lover Level.

Why can't I choose which resolution I want to play the game when launching?

If you are using an NVIDIA graphics card "GPU" please try the following:

Go to Nvidia Control Panel, then click on “Adjust Desktop Size and Position”, change "Aspect ratio" to "No Scaling".

If you're using Intel graphics "integrated graphics" please try this:

Look at the icons down by your clock (bottom right) there should be one for Intel graphics, open it up and look for a "Scaling" setting and turn it off.

If you can't find this or have a different video card, a Google search with your Make/Model and "Turn off scaling" should help you find instructions for whichever card you have.

When I start the game it's all black, pink or pixelized what's happening?

This is most likely an issue with DirectX 11 and your graphics driver. It could be the result of any number of updates that happen automatically on computers, including, but not limited to: Windows, DirectX, Steam, Crush Crush, Unity or your graphics drivers.

Here are a few things we recommend you try:

  • Make sure Windows is updated.
  • Make sure your graphics drivers are updated.
  • Make sure DirectX 11 is up-to-date: How to install the latest version of DirectX
  • Make sure that Crush Crush is up to date by confirming the local files. To do this: Right Click on Crush Crush in your Library, then choose Properties/Local Files/"Verify Integrity of Game Files".

If you are still having an issue despite these solutions, you can try running Crush Crush in DirectX 9 (Legacy) mode. When you load Crush Crush, there is an option “DirectX 9 (Legacy)”, choose this when starting the game. This version bypasses DirectX 11, for any computers that are having troubles loading the game.

Why is the mobile app crashing every time I open it?

​Here are a few possible solutions that may help you with your crashing issue:

  1. If you haven't already, check to see if the app needs to be updated.

  2. Try clearing the cache and data of the application. The steps for this are:

  • Go to settings.
  • Tap on Apps/App Manager/Manage Apps (it should be named one of those depending on which Android you have.)
  • Find Crush Crush in that list of apps and select it.
  • Tap Clear Cache.
  • For an extra measure, you could also choose to force stop the app.
  • Try opening the app again.

  1. Make sure you are not running too many other apps at the same time.

​ If none of these solutions work for you, please send us an email and we'll take another look into the issue!

Why are there no voices in the mobile version?

We're really sorry for the confusion, at this time there aren't any voices implemented in the mobile app. You can hear 2 different phone flings girls speak though (Renée and Nova.)

At the end of those 2 girls' text messages, they will initiate a phone call with you and you will be able to hear their voice through the call. Make sure you didn't turn down the Voice Volume slider so you can hear their voices!

Can we have a NSFW version on mobile?

We're sorry, Google has some restrictions on the content they allow on the Play Store. Due to these restrictions, we will not be able to offer the NSFW content on the Google Play version of Crush Crush.

We are working on a new Nutaku Mobile build, which will have all the uncensored functionality. However, we aren't sure when we'll be releasing this version just yet. Stay tuned for an announcement!

Why can't my browser load the Nutaku version? Why do I get javascript errors? Why is the game stuck loading on Nutaku?

Be sure to check adblock if you have one installed to make sure it isn't running on this page. It could also be corruption in the local files of the game. Clearing the browser cache will force the game to download new local files and should fix this. The steps are:

  • Close the game.
  • Clear out the files and images in your browser's cache. You don't need to clear the history/passwords/cookies.
  • Try refreshing the Nutaku games page and loading Crush Crush again.

If that didn't solve the problem, here are a few other things you can try:

  1. If you have Kaspersky installed on your computer and are getting an error that has 400 in it. Go into Network Settings then under "Traffic Processing". Look for: "integrate script for interaction with websites into traffic" and Un-Check the box.

  2. If you are getting other failed login issues, try signing out of Nutaku and back in again. Don't just close the tab, but actually sign out of your account. This seems to fix it for most players.

If you haven't found the answer you're looking for, or you still require assistance after trying the troubleshooting steps listed above, send us an email to:

Be sure to include your SPS ID: in the email, which can be found in different locations depending on the platform you play on.

If you are playing on Steam/Nutaku:

  • The ID is found on the More screen, located at the bottom on the game window, by clicking the "More" button.
  • There is a small button to the left of the ID that you can click to copy it, making it easy to paste into an email.

  • If you are playing the Mobile version of the game:

  • The ID is found on the settings screen, which is opened by tapping the gear at the top right of the game screen.